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Increasing Activity 

In order to stay motivated, try new ways to meet your physical activity requirements. There are plenty of ways to get moving, and have fun, in your community or at home. Use the following links to explore new ways to fit movement into your weekly routine. Remember small steps can make a big impact.  Tips for Increasing Physical Activity | Small Steps to Increase Physical Activity (pdf)

Getting Started
Quick exercise tips for long-term success.

Everyday Ideas to Move More 

Adult fitness ideas (pdf)
Fitness Fun for Younger Ones (pdf) 

Activity at Home
This website Includes a chart with the number of calories burned doing exercises such as walking, biking, and jumping rope.

My Fitness Pal
Tools to calculate calories burned during many different types of activities and lets you track your activities.

Physical Activity Videos
Watch these videos from this website for examples of how to strength train at home or the gym. 

Let's Move
Suggests ways to be active as a family, at school, in your community and in nature.

My Home | Dailymile
Share your training with friends and stay motivated.  Find training partners, local events, routes, and groups.  Social training for runners, triathletes, ...