Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Go Ramsey?
Go Ramsey Communities is an interactive Web-based mapping application that allows site visitors to locate places to be active throughout Ramsey County such as parks, trails and lakes. Information about parks and other public recreational locations includes:
  • Addresses
  • Amenities available at each site
  • Directions to each location
What is Adobe pdf and is it safe to download?
Adobe is a software company that has created a global standard document type called ‘pdf’ which stands for Portable Document Format. For more information, visit
What is Microsoft Silverlight and is it safe to download?
Microsoft Silverlight is a free Web-browser plug-in that enables interactive Web applications and much more. For more information, visit
What is GIS?
GIS is an acronym that stands for Geographic Information Systems. For more information visit


How do I find the right location/facility for my needs?
You can use pre-defined searches (from the Search tool on the left side of the screen) to find parks, lakes, trails and specific facilities such as baseball parks and archery ranges. You can also view trails suited for a specific activity such as walking, biking or cross country skiing, by choosing the activity in the box at the right with the Map/Aerial buttons.
A keyword search also exists at the top right side of the screen to allow searches for specific facilities or facility features (e.g., the keywords “golf” will return a list of golf courses).
Can I find parks and other areas within a specific neighborhood or near my house?
Yes. Using the Search tool, you can narrow a search to be within a specified distance of a certain address or neighborhood. You can also leave a search broad if you wish, to include all facilities within a county, or all facilities across Ramsey County.
The Map/Aerial buttons at the right side of the screen allow you to shift between street map and aerial views of the area, so that individual facilities can be located and viewed within their larger context.
Are searches case sensitive?
No, the searches are not case sensitive. 
Why does nothing happen when I try to search?
The Search tool uses a popup-window. If that window is not appearing, you probably have a pop-up blocker activated on your browser. Look for an error message to pop up near the top of your browser window. Click on it, and change the settings to allow pop-ups from the site. Pop-up blocker software varies. You may need to consult your browser documentation to see how to allow pop-ups on specific Web sites.

Navigating the Map

How can I view a park or trail on the map?
The Search tool provides one option for locating parks and trails. Another option is to locate the parks or trails directly on the map. Parks and trails are only available at specific zoom levels. If the park or trail you are looking for is not visible then use the Zoom control found in the upper left side of the map with the + and - symbols. 
How do I zoom in to an area on the map?
There is a Zoom control on the top left side of the map display area. This control provides a + and - symbol or a scroll bar to zoom into or out of an area of the map. Double-clicking with the mouse on an area of the map will also zoom in to that area.
How can I measure a walking or biking route?
Measuring capabilities are available by selecting the measure tool found at the top of the display window. Options are available to measure from point to point or to measure a larger area. Measurements are displayed on the screen at each marker point.
How do I print out a map?
There is a Print tool found in the top of the display window that will open up a pop-up window. In the pop-up window, visitors can select the page size and then print. Maps print in landscape view only.
How do I reset the map?
There is a Reset button found in the top center of the display window. Press this button to return the map to its original state. This can also be accomplished by pressing F5 on your keyboard.
How often is map information updated?
Updates depend on the type of data. Activity locations and descriptions are updated frequently. Basemaps that contain roadway information are updated quarterly.  
How accurate is the information presented on the map?
The information shown on the map has been provided by many sources. The information shown here is only as accurate as the original source material and is intended for recreational purposes and may not follow actual legal boundaries.

Technical Issues

Which Internet browsers are supported?
Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Firefox 3.5+ are fully supported by Go Ramsey. Previous versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox are not supported. If you are using an unsupported Web browser, please be aware that our ability to assist you will be severely limited. No guarantee is made that content may be viewable in other browsers and/or display settings.
Why does the map take so long to load?
The Go Ramsey map is graphic intensive. Please be patient while the mapping application loads.
Certain GIS features appear, then when I zoom in or out, they disappear – what is going on?
There are a lot of features that can become visible or not visible depending on the scale of the map. This has been purposefully set up to optimize bandwidth for viewing the most popular features.

Most likely you are using a very low screen resolution. Very low screen resolutions are incompatible and cannot display the map correctly. A minimum 56K internet connection and a screen resolution of 1024 x 728 are recommended. No guarantee is made that content may be viewable in other display settings