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Eating Out 

While cooking at home is key to healthy eating, a meal out doesn’t have to mean breaking from your healthy lifestyle.  Here are a few guides to help you make smart eating choices when you are on the go.

Restaurant Tips
The American Diabetes Association provides helpful hints on how to eat healthy at restaurants. 

Restaurant Tips and Alternatives
Tips on how to order, how to navigate a restaurant menu, and typical calorie amounts for popular menu items.  This site also includes healthier alternatives to your favorite, high calorie, menu items.
Restaurant Nutrition Facts
Healthy Dining Finder allows you to enter your zip code in the search bar and locate healthy restaurant options near you.

Fast Foods That Won't Slow You Down (pdf)
Quick tips that will help you make the best possible choices when eating at fast food restaurants.

Healthy Choices Away from Home

Ever wonder how many calories are in your favorite fast-food menu choices? Check out these web sites to learn about the food you eat at fast-food restaurants and find healthier options. McDonald’sWendy’sKFCTaco Bell | Panera BreadChipotle

Many other restaurants also provide nutritional information for menu items, search for your favorite restaurant's web site to find out more.